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10 burglaries in just a week, people who say they always felt safe living in howard county are nervous this morning. we have details on why. buckle up, it is now time for the o's final home series, the rockies are in -- the red sox are in town and we are getting you ready for tonight's game. all those stories straight ahead. it is friday morning, happy friday and thanks for joining us. we sent charley out live down by the yard. he's talking p not only the
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orioles, but the ravens and the referees last night, now getting back on the field. to much of the delight of fanur delighted with the weather because the weekend is here and you probably have a lot of plans, the baltimore book festival, for example. what is it going to be like, lynette? >> it's going to be 50/50. not a bad weekend. today we have some rain showers this morning. maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on that, so be prepared for the wet weather. make sure you do have that rain gear this morning. but we've gotten kind of used to it over the past few days. this is our third day of the wet weather in the morning time. we can see it around baltimore right now, i know charley is getting wet, elkridge, all moderate around that area, this is sliding off towards the east. and then we have another batch of heavier rain around hillsmere shore, also mayo, shadyside, deal, so anne arundel county, you're getting in on the heavier rain this morning. we're also dealing with mild temperatures once again. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. well, an accident has just been cleared on 95.
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it was along the southbound lanes at route 1 nay. as we check in and take a look right now just south of 195, you'll notice the delays have really started to dissipate. for those of you using 83, here's what it looks like at warren road, no problems getting down to 695. and once you do get onto the jfx, nothing to get in your way, nothing out of the ordinary, just a 11 minutes to travel from the beltway all the way downtown. megan, over to you. 5:32 right now. we have breaking news out of anne arundel county. firefighters there on the scene of a large fire at a mobile home park which is on 26b street in lothiam. when crews first arrived to the scene, they found two mobile homes completely engulfed in flames. we've bp told one person has been rushed to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation. authorities tell us they did not find anybody else in either home. 60 firefighters right now working on that fire to bring it under control. we do have a crew on the scene. they're getting video for you. we're going to bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available and gets into our newsroom. in the meantime, a string
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of burglaries in howard county has police right now searching for a suspect. these aren't your typical break- ins. police say that the man behind them is now using a brash and very bold method and abc 2 news' linda stow has the details. linda, how many burglaries are we talking about so far? >>reporter: police say there have been at least 10 burglaries this week and investigators believe the same man is behind all of them. it appears the burglar is knocking on doors, and if someone answers, he acts like he's lost and is trying to find someone's house and then leaves. if no one is home, police say he kicks in the door and takes valuables. the burglar is striking during the late morning and early afternoon in ellicott city, colombia, elkridge, clarksville and woodbine. the string of daytime burglaries has people in those neighborhoods feeling uneasy. >> why don't they just break the doors in and run in and take people's things? >> >>reporter: police say you should deadbolt exterior doors and hide your valuables in a place a burglar may not suspect. linda stow, abc 2 news. police break ground today
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in a new search for the body of jimmy hoffa, the labor strong man with alleged ties to organized crime, his disappearance one of the most notorious and mysterious in the history of the united states. it's believed he was killed by the mob, but his body has never been found. here's ed payne. it looks like we're having some audio troubles with is story, but what we can tell you right now, crews today will be looking for jimmy hoffa, the teamster boss, this after a dying man gave them a tip that he had seen a body buried in the driveway at a home just outside of detroit, michigan. by the way, jimmy hoffa was last seen outside of a restaurant in detroit, that happening today. they did find initial tests of radon, basically clueing them in that there was a body in that driveway or something the size of a body. they'll be looking today and we'll keep you posted not only on the air, but on
5:35 am in other news this morning, police say this a gunman killed -- say that a gunman killed four people inside of a minneapolis sign- making business before turning the gun on himself. police found the body shortly after arriving at accent signage systems. four other people were wounded, three of them criticallily. police say that gunman was a disgruntled exee. police will be out there looking for more clues today. a georgia man arrested for speeding down a highway with his girlfriend on the hood of his car. he faced a judge. the man's lawyer argues that what he did was really stupid, but it wasn't a crime. take a look at this because people started recording when they saw it. a woman was clinging to the hood of her car, speeding down a major highway up to 80 miles per hour. now, the driver is a guy named jonathan sallen. he says that he and his girlfriend, lydia moon, they got into a fight. when he tried to leave, she hopped on the hood of the car. he stopped the car, but she refused to get off and that's when he got on the interstate. >> what this man is guilty of,
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if anything, is grotesque, he's not guilty of a crime. >> [ indiscernable ] >> the judge let sallen out on bond. he is not allowed to go anywhere near moon. happy hour on the side of the road it turns out. take a look at this. an overturned beer truck made a huge mess. this is on a colorado highway. while it's unknown how many boxes and bottles of the suds were smashed, you can see a massive pile right there. speed is expected to be the determined cause of this accident. the driver of that truck is doing okay this morning, but somebody has a very large mess to clean up. you may want to check your medicine cabinet and that's because there's a chance you have something that's old, expired, maybe just even unused. don't flush it down the toilet or the sink, there's a better way to get rid of your old medication. and he's being cut and cuddled and he doesn't care. we have this cat with a sour puss on his face. we have the details straight ahead.
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5:39 right now. whatever you're doing, come on over to the tv screen because here is your cute fix for the day. take a look. this is tarter sauce, the cat.
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he is not impressed. you see, he's 9 months old and he looks less than excited to have a person petting him. no purring going on here, but, lynette, we knew that would make you smile. no matter what you have to tell us about the weather, at least you'll be doing it with a grin on your face. >> he's cute, though. it's like a frown. >> you can look at him frowning. >> he's a cutie pie. let's talk about what's going on at the bus stop this morning. well, you will need the rain gear, take it with you. also temperatures quite mild, so keep the jacket at heem. as we go through the afternoon hours, we will warm up once again, these temperatures above average and we'll also get some sunshine in here, and there is the possibility for some more showers in the forecast, we'll talk more about that coming up. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we are dealing with several accidents, the rainy weather really having an impact on the commute. trouble in downtown baltimore where there's a crash on mlk at fayette street. and as we head east, we're dealing with another crash right on bel aire road at white avenue. no problems on 95 in the white
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marsh area, heading into the city, and here's what 695 looks like, the top side in towson, delaney valley road, everything nice and clear as you head off towards 83. megan, over to you. time is running out for the lucky person who bought a megamillions ticket at a 7-11 in timonium. the amount up for grabs. we'll tell you about this huge thing right now. what you have to do if you have that winning ticket. we do have to tell you that you have to act fast. this is not baseball weather. we are live outside the ballpark at camden yards here in downtown baltimore where the o's start a critical weekend series with the red sox, but more importantly, they're honoring one of the game's great. we have a live report coming up. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. number of students that wea lot of the... resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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thanks for joining us on this friday morning. must mean a charmed life for the baltimore orioles. the team was off on thursday and they still gained a half game on both the yankees and now the a's. so what's going to happen? time for their final home series with the red sox in town is right now, tonight. and charley is down at the yard this morning with a preview of everything going on this weekend. and, charley, it's really all about the fans as well as the legends. >>reporter: yeah, it is about both of those this weekend, megan. right now it's also about the weather. we're about 12 hours away from first pitch, but it is already wet and rainy, it's been doing
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this since thursday. we're outside the ballpark, so we're going to hold lynette responsible for a good forecast for this the final home series for the baltimore orioles. they're playing host to the red sox. and this was planned well in advance. it is all about the fans this weekend, and now a show of appreciation for them with this improbable 2012 season. first pitch tonight from the ballpark is going to be 7:05. it is student night, students get a discount to ticket prices for the upper deck by showing a valid student i.d. after the game tonight it's going to be the fireworks and the extravaganza, thanking the fans for their support throughout the course of the season. now on week night games, megan, they're getting about 30,000 fans coming to watch the o's play because they're in the middle of this race for the divisional win, also the wildcard, but a special night is tomorrow around 5:00. the team is going to unveil the sixth statue in its series for honoring the legends here at camden yard and it will be mr. oriole himself, brooks robinson. that statue will be unveiled
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before game time tomorrow night down here at the ballpark. >> and here we are with potential playoff push here and brooks gets his last statements, oriole himself gets to go last and conclude what has been a great year of these unveilings. >>reporter: it has been an incredible year here for the baltimore orioles. they remain a game behind the yankees with six to play, a game behind in the a.l. evident east. also they have a one-game lead on the oakland a's for that first wildcard spot. if they get the first wildcard spot, if they do, that one-game playoff will be played here at camden yard at a date to be determined on down the road. now from the series with boston, they go on the road to finish the 2012 season in tampa, a three-game set with the rays. but for fans, again, tonight is student night and fireworks. tomorrow night it's all about brooks robinson and on sunday it's bobblehead day for fans over the age of 15, first 20,000 into the ballpark, they're going to get their own
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j.j. hardy bobble doll. a great way to end the season here at camden yards. megan. >> charley, thanks. we'll check in with you in a bit five things you want to know heading out the door this morning. to end hunger month, giants food is hosting a community food drive at all of their locations starting today and running through sunday. you can drop off at any giant in your area during store hours, something that would help this drive. if you want coffee this morning, head to 7-11 because they are giving it away free. from 6:00 to 10:00 this morning, you can get a large cup of coffee. this is in honor of national coffee day. baltimore city schools, they must come up with prepaying kindergarten, so they're going to have a ceremony honoring that distinction. october is breast cancer awareness month and in harford county, they will light the concord point light house graced in pink. this will happen 7:00 tonight.
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the state of maryland has the highest breast cancer rate in the nation. and two local letter carriers are becoming part of an elite club this morning. this morning the u.s. postal service are recognizing john mullkeski and david warren. they're from dundalk for driving 1 million miles without ever being in an accident. tomorrow is national drug takeback day, and so from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, you can drop off any unused prescription drugs. by doing so, you can help prevent drug abuse as well as theft. to find the locations in your county, you can always head to the d.e.a. website, put in your zip code and they'll get you everything you need to know about where this is happening. if you're looking for something else to do this weekend, you can always head to mount vernon this weekend because it is the baltimore book festival which is always a great event. it kicks off at noon today and it's going to go until 8:00 this evening, then noon to 8:00 again on saturday and noon to 7:00 on sunday. it includes three days of book signings, panel discussions,
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even cooking demonstrations. more than 200 nationally- renowned celebrities and area authors are going to be there to attend the event. you've seen the ads, now the hipodrone has a new offer, a chance for you to catch the broadway hit show "wicked" for less. they're calling it the wicked lottery and all you have to do is enter your name in the 1/2 h performance. you have 30 minutes to do so and they're going to draw names two hours before the show starts. if you win, you get two orchestra seats for the show for just $25 which is a good deal because "wicked," those tickets can be a little wicked. it's a great show. a lot of us bought those megamillions tickets. remember when the jackpot was enormous, it was $656 million? now they say that jackpot, the winners, not everybody has come forward. one person in our state, in maryland could be the winner of a $250,000 jackpot. today is the final day for that person to claim those winnings. the ticket was purchased at a 7-
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11 located on beaver dam road in timonium. start going throughior car and sock drawer. here are the numbers in case you forgot, 2, 4, 23, 28, 46, the megaball is 23. so check those pockets, see if you have that number, good luck. a new twist to a story that we first told you about earlier this month. we've all been to flea markets and sometimes you can find a pretty good deal. a virginia woman bought a painting for $7, found out it was a renwar. she planned to have that piece auctioned off. well, a reporter discovered that it may have been stolen six decades ago from right here in baltimore, the baltimore museum of art. the fbi is now investigating. hopefully that woman will get something for that find because that auction has been canceled. time now for a check on our weather. here is lynette charles. hopefully it's going to be a work-of-art type of weekend. >> maybe tomorrow. maybe tomorrow, megan. let's talk about what's going on right now because the
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satellite and radar picking up on some showers and storms. this is beginning to slide off toward the east. this round will cross the bay, head over toward the eastern shore and then we will get a break behind that. we will also see a break in the clouds as well. so we will have a sun/cloud mix as we go throughout the afternoon. but also look what's going on. so we have that break here, but as we look back across the tennessee valley, the ohio valleys here, we have another scattered showers, thunderstorms trying to work their wave way off toward the east. it looks like it'll stay east, but some of the models now indicating that this little batch could head further to the north. so i'm going to keep the chance for some showers in the forecast, even as we go through this evening. another reason why is we still have that stationary front. temperatures this morning still quite mild coming in the 60s and basically everywhere. as we look at the surface, here is that stationary front. it hasn't quite cleared us, so with that we still have the chance for some showers and some storms as we go through the evening, so that is possible for the game tonight. future trend picking up on some more showers possible, even across the eastern shore as we
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go into the afternoon. and then we will dry out nicely as high pressure builds in briefly for tomorrow, but for today the high temperature will be close to 80 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we are off to a rainy start and that's really having an affect on the roads. we are dealing with several accidents. trouble in east baltimore where there's a crash on bel aire road. it's going to be right at white avenue. and in downtown baltimore, we're dealing with another accident right on mlk at fayette street. now, if you are using 95 to get into the city, here's a live look at 395 and everything will be up to speed, no delays getting through that fort mchenry tunnel, harbor tunnel also going to be a great shape. and for those of you who are using the beltway, no problems to report from parkville all the way up towards towson. if you are headed to the west side of 695, traffic starting to pick up just a little bit, 12 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. melgon, over to you. we all know drinking and driving is dangerous, however,
5:53 am
it's also dangerous to drink and ride a horse. sounds pretty funny, but the cops were not laughing. and the guy who was riding on the horse, he probably is not laughing either. we have details on this story straight ahead. you disgust me.
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thanks for joining us this morning. a florida man and his horse took a pretty wild ride through town, drawing quite a crowd. now, charles coart and his horse, the wild coyote rode around for almost five hours. that's a really long time. look at your screen, you can see how fast they were going. they say coart was drunk on the horse which is not safe. people started coming out to see what was going on. >> there was a large crowd of people that were beginning to follow him around and he almost run over several persons with the horse as well as in front of cars. he started to develop quite a crowd and quite a stir in town. >> police say that people were even giving them things -- him things look the way like ear buds so he could listen to hi ipod. officers did eventually catch up with coart and they, of course, arrested him. a group of pups, they took to the street, but they did
5:57 am
this on wheels, the whole thing caught on camera, you gotta see it. catch the power of paws as these rev up their engines to make you smile. look at this guy. plus most of us like to shop and we're always looking for a great deal, so we're going to tell you where you can go to get some super deals without all the hustle and bustle.
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